Asian Egg Donation Program

At the Santa Monica Fertility Egg Donation Program, we work with patients from around the world. We understand and appreciate just how important it is for our patients to have access to ethnically diverse donor eggs, and we are proud of the expertise in Asian egg donation that we have built over many years as well as the strong relationships we hold with our East Asian egg donors.

We represent East Asian egg donors with a number of backgrounds, including:

  • Chinese Egg Donors
  • Taiwanese Egg Donors
  • Korean Egg Donors
  • Japanese Egg Donors
  • Filipino Egg Donors

Most of our Asian Egg Donors are not only previous and proven donors (there are pregnancies recorded from their previous donations) but they are already fully medically and psychologically screened, ready for egg donation process, matching and cycle scheduling.

Egg Donation ProgramTo view profiles of our currently available Asian egg donors as well as available Asian frozen donor eggs, please visit our Donor Egg Bank.

We add new profiles of Asian egg donors on a regular basis and offer free egg donor matching service, please contact us for more information or call 310-566-1470.


We have full time Chinese speaking Asian Egg Donation Coordinators in our team.