Angela’s Story: Giving the Gift of Life as an Egg Donor


Angela is optimistic and family-oriented. In her free time, Angela enjoys reading and playing sports. Angela went to college on an athletic scholarship for soccer, and she now operates her own marketing agency. Her friends describe her as reliable, honest, and loyal, and she considers herself a very social person.

Why did you decide to become an egg donor?

I’ll be honest, at first I was only keen to earn extra money to help pay down my student loans. After a few cycles, the meaning of being an “egg donor” changed for me. It became about the experience, the people you meet, and the families you’re helping. My egg donations have always been 100% anonymous, but the families still manage to find a place in your heart.

Have you donated more than once?

Yes, I have donated a few times.

What was the most rewarding part of the process?

I’m quite an active and social person so I feel most challenged feeling sluggish, moody or bloated. During my first couple donations, I was probably less self-aware of my hormones and reacted more the unplanned mood swings. Now, after several donations, I’m more aware and know when emotions feel intensified or the feeling of “weight gain” is just bloating.

Is there anything you wish you knew before you donated?

I can’t say there is. But so it doesn’t go unanswered, I wish I was better educated on the process during my first cycle. Sure, you receive instructions from the nurses, but I caught myself googling and trying to understand the terminology being used and each medication I was injecting myself with.

What advice would you give to a first time donor?

As a donor, you are 50% of this process. Without your eggs, there would be no baby. Without your time and dedication, there would be no baby. It’s a serious but rewarding responsibility. I have handled each donation as a ‘job’. So, be friendly but respectful with every nurse and doctor – nourish the relationship.Don’t be scared to ask questions either.

Donations aren’t always easy but in the end, I think the reward outweighs the challenges.

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