LGBTQ Family Building

Feeling like it’s time to start a family? There’s nothing like the joy you can experience from raising a child (or children) together with your LGBTQ partner. Santa Monica Fertility Clinic can help you have the baby you’re hoping for. We help lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and couples start families using the latest assisted reproductive technologies.

Many LGBTQ couples choose to have one child first who is genetically related to one partner, and then another child a few years later who is genetically related to the other partner.

Some couples choose to have a relative (a brother or sister) of one person donate an egg or sperm; then they have this genetic material combined with the sperm or egg of the other partner. This way, the resulting child is genetically related to each partner.

What Are Our Fertility Options As a Lesbian Couple?

Having a baby together is an exciting experience. Thanks to advances in medicine, you have many options today that weren’t available in the past.

  • Intrauterine artificial insemination (using donor sperm)
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) (where the partner carrying the pregnancy will be the genetic mother)
  • Reciprocal IVF (using the partner’s egg and donor sperm, which enables one woman to give the egg and gives the other woman the opportunity of carrying her partner’s pregnancy)
  • Donor sperm can be sperm from sperm bank, a friend, or family member

What Are Our Fertility Options As a Gay Couple?

Same-sex family building options for gay individuals and gay couples can include a variety of options that are surprising efficient. With donated eggs and one partner’s sperm, gay men can have a genetic child via surrogacy, which is when a woman opts to carry the embryo of others.

  • Surrogacy via artificial insemination (artificially inseminating the surrogate mother with the father’s sperm, using the surrogate’s own eggs)
  • Surrogacy via IVF (selected donor eggs and the father’s sperm are implanted inside a surrogate mother, who has no genetic connection to the baby)

Santa Monica Fertility Clinic is Southern California’s leading facility for LGBTQ family planning. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the journey to parenthood.