Egg & Embryo Freezing Costs

With the progress that’s been made in nearly every area of reproductive medicine, new discoveries have led to more understanding that the age and quality of a woman’s eggs is critical in regards to being able to reproduce. As women age, their egg quality deteriorates, lowering their chances of conceiving. Egg freezing is an option available for many women as a way to preserve eggs at a certain time when they are higher in quality, and have not begun the slow deterioration associated with advancing maternal age. In addition to egg freezing, embryos can be frozen in a similar manner and used by the patient later in life. Egg and embryo freezing is also commonly used by women suffering from cancer whose ovaries may potentially be damaged by future cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.

Santa Monica Fertility works in conjunction with the Egg Freezing Center to offer affordable egg freezing packages to our patients.

The cost of egg freezing is approximately $15,215. This fee includes all testing, monitoring and 1 full year of storage. Each additional year is $650, billed annually.

The cost of embryo freezing is different than egg freezing, as it would include additional lab expenses for in vitro fertilization and optional chromosomal testing.

When preparing for an egg or embryo freezing procedure the patient will also be required to take different dosages and types of fertility-promoting medications. These medications are not included in SMF’s egg freezing packages- patients are required to pay their pharmacies directly.

Feel free to call our office for more package details specific to your egg & embryo freezing needs.

Donor Egg Bank

Frozen Donor Egg Bank & Egg Donation Egg donation allows women to become pregnant even when they lack eggs of their own, or their eggs are of poor quality. In addition to fresh donor eggs, frozen donor eggs offer an alternative to traditional egg donation. Frozen eggs allow for ease in cycle planning and are immediately available from a variety of donors. Pregnancy rates from frozen eggs are comparable to the nationally published rates reported for fresh donor eggs.

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