Minimal Stimulation IVF, An Alternative to In Vitro Fertilization

Minimal Stimulation IVF is a more natural alternative to traditional In Vitro Fertilization. Minimal Stimulation IVF differs from traditional IVF in the type and amount of fertility medications used to stimulate the growth of egg follicles. The goal of Minimal Stimulation IVF is to recruit 2-3 eggs of the best quality using lower doses of medicine. Traditional IVF uses injections of the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to stimulate the growth of multiple eggs which are then harvested from the ovary and fertilized in the laboratory (in-vitro fertilization) before being transferred to the uterus as embryos. With Minimal Stimulation IVF, a tablet form of fertility medication called clomiphene citrate is taken for 5 days to increase the natural production of FSH in order to recruit multiple egg follicles. Hormonal injections may be used for a few days but at much lower doses than used in traditional IVF. Although less embryos are produced from minimal stimulation cycles, their quality is thought to be superior- allowing for good pregnancy rates.

Since less medication and doctor office visits are needed, the overall costs of Minimal Stimulation IVF are significantly lower than traditional In vitro fertilization cycles. Other benefits include fewer injections and shorter treatment times. Minimal Stimulation In Vitro fertilization is an excellent alternative for women who respond poorly to traditional hormonal stimulation, have failed traditional IVF, or those who would prefer to use less hormones. Embryos can also be frozen and banked for future embryo transfer.

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