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At Home Fertility Tests

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Home Fertility Test

Make sure your fertility is a-ok with these new fertility apps for both men and women.

With infertility on the rise, more and more couples are wanting to test their fertility. And who wants to go to a doctor’s office when they can test their eggs, hormones or sperm at home? Current technology is allowing more and more people to do that, even if you don’t think you have infertility or are fully infertile.

Yo Sperm Test

Men specifically are now able to do this at home with a FDA cleared at-home fertility test. Instead of ding a traditional semen analysis, men can use this at home testing kit to look at their sperm and it’s done all through a smart phone. Have an iPhone? You’re good. Just produce a sample, use the test, and go. You can even enlarge the screen to get a better view and see if your sperm is swimming fast or if you have some non-swimmers in there. It takes a few minutes, according to the new company that has invented the YO sperm test.

The fifty dollar test looks at the motility, aka the movement of the sperm, and this can help determine the concentration of sperm cells, and overall fertility for guys. The test does not test the shame (morphology) nor whether or not you have any infection or inflammation in the seminal fluids, but it does give you some idea about your sperm and how fertile you are.

Eva Fertility Tracker

Women are getting more hands-on tests and games too, like the fertility and ovulation tracker apps on smart phones, as well as the Eva fertility tracker. Eva is a new app and watch developed for female infertility, or just tracking your cycle and ovulating. This might be the new “OPK” (ovulation predictor kit), which can be difficult to read, expensive, and not always accurate!

The current fertility technology has a lot to offer, and there will likely be more tools for measuring and tracking fertility right around the corner.

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