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The Egg Freezing Center (EFC) is led by Dr. John Jain, an internationally recognized expert in egg freezing research with broad experience in all areas of fertility treatment.

Egg Freezing Center at Santa Monica Fertility Clinic Reviews

Here at Egg Freezing Center patient care and successful treatment outcomes are of most importance to us. We value the trust that our patients have shown in us by letting us be a part of their family planning journey, and we are proud of the amazing reviews and patient testimonials that we are receiving; you can read some of them here:

As a single female in my early forties, my dream of one day having a child seemed like a fading possibility.  A news clip featuring Dr.John Jainand the egg-freezing process gave me renewed hope; there was something I could do to help slow down my biological clock.  Dr. Jain and his nurses were incredibly sensitive and caring, and always made themselves available to answer any questions I had.  Because of the excellent care I received, I decided to have the procedure done a second time.  Knowing that my eggs are stored for future use has given me great piece of mind, and I feel fortunate to have been treated by the leading authority in this cutting-edge technology.

- K.S.

Dr. Jain and his staff are wonderful!  They are very informative about the stats of egg freezing and IVF, as well as extremely helpful about the process for a Nervous Nelly with lots of questions!  They truly made the procedure so easy for me.  And knowing Dr Jain is on the forefront on all research and development with egg freezing, made me feel very secure that I’m in the best hands possible for future pregnancy opportunities.  And their facility is amazing too!

- Anon.

Thanks so much for making the egg freezing easier and less stressful than I imagine it could be.

- Jennifer

Since most things in our life are beyond our control it is an amazing feeling to feel like we have some say in our futures. Freezing my eggs is one of the smartest things I have ever done.  Dr. Jain and his staff made it extremely easy.

Dr. Jain is extremly informative and is always available to explain anything regarding the procedure. All the staff made me feel comfortable and went above and beyond at all times.  I owe them all such thanks for making my experience such a pleasant one.


- Jenny

Coming to your office and moving forward with the egg freezing was a big moment for me and I can’t think of a more ideal environment than the one I was immersed in at your office. I so appreciate the warmth and great care for the details! I believe in the work you all are doing. Thanks so much for doing it and doing it so well. Women like me walk out uplifted! And that’s really something.

- Jane

This is one of the most significant decisions a woman can make, so I really appreciate that I felt empowered by the experience. Your staff is very courteous and explains instructions well, and I felt comfortable in the clinic atmosphere. I also appreciate doctors who are intellectually curious, have a spirit for scientific inquiry, and are willing to be pioneers in a culture of medicine that is often quite conservative. Finally, I am impressed by the dedication and diligence of your team. I would recommend that other young women start thinking about their future fertility! Thank you again.

- Erica

My wife froze her eggs in two cycles at Dr. Jain’s office in 2010 (she was over 40) right before we met. As I understand Dr. Jain was a pioneer in egg freezing at the time. Since then we had a few failed IVFs in Northern California where we now live, so we decided to use some of her frozen eggs in a San Francisco fertility clinic. While we are still waiting for the chromosome analysis result of two HBI and HBII embryos, the outcome of which is independent of the egg freezing procedure itself, we are grateful that Dr. Jain’s egg freezing procedure actually provided the best yield of fertilized eggs and blastocysts among the several FRESH IVF cycles that we underwent in the past few years, which I found it amazing considering it was a pioneer procedure at the time and these are frozen eggs. Regardless of the chromosome analysis result that we are still waiting, I consider that Dr. Jain has done his job and delivered remarkable result being a pioneer in egg freezing.

- Sean J.

As a former patient whom went through the egg freezing process, I highly recommend Dr. Jain and his fertility clinic. I did my research beforehand and found that Dr. Jain is truly one of the nationwide leaders in fertility techniques, a pioneer, for example, in successful egg freezing leading to pregnancies. He has given many career women a viable opportunity to preserve their fertility for the future. Dr. Jain is also a compassionate and dedicated fertility doctor whom takes the time and effort to clearly explain all of the details and nuances of the fertility process to his patients at every office visit and offer counsel with a calm and caring manner. As part of this process, he invests considerable energy and time in getting to know his patients, both individually and/or as a couple. Also, his staff is extremely knowledgeable and nurturing. The clinic itself has a serene low-key atmosphere and calming effect, which is really helpful for patients dealing with a very personal, emotionally delicate subject.

- Julie M.
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