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Are Two Better than One?

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iStock_19702686_LARGEAre two better than one? When it comes to increasing your chances of success and having a healthy baby through IVF (in vitro fertilization), more might not necessarily be better. In fact, putting in that second embryo at embryo transfer day may hinder a woman’s chances of getting pregnant, by about 30%. This was based on a study with over a thousand women going through the IVF process and having embryo transfers on day five blastocyst stage.

The theory behind why this second embryo may hamper the pregnancy process is that the body may focus on helping the poorer quality embryo survive, and take away from the embryo that is doing better, hampering the who in vitro process altogether and defeating the purpose of doing IVF in the first place. The body may expend energy resolving the problematic embryo, instead of helping the good embryo thrive. More research needs to be done, but fertility experts as of now generally agree that one embryo of good quality is usually the perfect number if the woman’s uterus and immune system are healthy and ready for receiving the embryo.

So what’s a girl to do if her doctor suggests putting more than one embryo in? Ask questions, and make sure it is understood what the quality is of each embryo. A good fertility doctor will know what will increase a woman’s chances of conceiving during in vitro fertilization, so it’s important to make sure one is seeing an excellent doctor who works with the most updated technology and fertility options. If you have any questions about fertility, embryo transfers, IVF and fertility treatments, feel free to call our office – our friendly staff and expert nurses and doctors are always here to help you on your path to parenthood!

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