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E-Cigarettes & Male Infertility

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couple inhalingWe all know smoking is bad for you health, but can smoking damage eggs and sperm, making it harder to get pregnant and have a healthy child? Indeed, yes. While “regular” cigarettes have been shown to be harmful to both gender’s health, e-cigarettes may not be that much better (although they are touted as the “healthier” alternative).

The major issue with the e-cigarettes? The flavors. Specifically, cinnamon & bubble gum, which slow down sperm speeds and even kill of the cells in a man’s body that make sperm. Sometimes men smoke cigarettes that are nicotine free, but apparently this is just as bad. It’s the chemicals inside the vaporizers and e-cigarettes that are causing dysfunction on a cellular level, and making it harder for couples who are trying to get pregnant.

Is vaping or smoking other substances ok? The jury is still out for some things but most fertility experts and fertility doctors are in agreement – if you are trying to get pregnant, stop smoking. If you partner is a pot smoker, yes, we get it – this stuff is legal in many parts of the country now, but it is still horrible for your health, may act as a carcinogen in some, and cuts down on sperm motility and hinders proper development of sperm, causing morphology issues. If you’ve heard it’s good for you, it’s not. And if you are strugglin with quitting anything, especially smoking, there is help! There are always tools to help you. One is Allen Carr’s book, “Quit Smoking the Easy Way”.  Other smokers start getting acupuncture, which helps to cut down on cravings, release endorphins, the “feel good hormone,”  and helps re-wire the central nervous system. And many quitters find that regular exercise is key.

If you are trying to get pregnant and build a family, but are having trouble with smoking or other vices, feel free to call us – we are always happy to help you on your path to healthy parenthood!

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