Flavio Beas, Business Manager

Business Manager

Flavio Beas supports Santa Monica Fertility as our Business Manager. Flavio received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Finance from California State University, San Diego. Along with his exceptional education he brings an outstanding work history and level of experience to our office. Prior to his time at SMF, Flavio worked for the stock brokerage firm Dean Witter. He went on to work as a medical business manager at the USC Keck School of Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Health Research Association of LAC & USC. It was at USC that Flavio first met Dr. Jain (during his residency) and they have been fast friends and business associates ever since.

Flavio grew up in Commerce, CA, where he developed a love for his community and a passion for improving the quality of life for others. Flavio enjoys participating in various volunteer organizations including the St. Marcellenus Church Finance Council, and the City of Downey Library Adult Literacy Program. He also helps inner-city youth groups increase their community bonds by sponsoring them to attend USC sporting events. Flavio enjoys many sports himself including swimming, golfing and softball.

Flavio has always been a proponent of women’s health, and has recently intensified his commitment to the cause as he has become a proud father himself. He enjoys every minute with his wife and young daughter, and is “honored to work with a clinic that helps women to achieve the greatest gift in life.”

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