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Coming to your office and moving forward with the egg freezing was a big moment for me and I can’t think of a more ideal environment than the one I was immersed in at your office. I so appreciate the warmth and great care for the details! I believe in the work you all are doing. Thanks so much for doing it and doing it so well. Women like me walk out uplifted! And that’s really something.

- Jane

We are blessed to have crossed your path in our lifetime and we cannot thank you enough for the very special gift you have given us. Our baby boy is the apple of our eye and we could not imagine life without him.

- J & L

This is one of the most significant decisions a woman can make, so I really appreciate that I felt empowered by the experience. Your staff is very courteous and explains instructions well, and I felt comfortable in the clinic atmosphere. I also appreciate doctors who are intellectually curious, have a spirit for scientific inquiry, and are willing to be pioneers in a culture of medicine that is often quite conservative. Finally, I am impressed by the dedication and diligence of your team. I would recommend that other young women start thinking about their future fertility! Thank you again.

- Erica

Thank you for all your support, knowledge, and professionalism. I feel lucky to have SMF in my life.

- A & L

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true! Our daughter is a perfectly happy, healthy and adorable baby. We have never been happier, and we owe it all to you and your amazing staff! We will be forever grateful for your kindness, support and amazing experience that made us a family!

- Petra

Thanks to you and all of your kind & considerate staff at the Santa Monica Fertility Center. Outstanding expertise- you work miracles.

- R & L

I am so very grateful- thank you for such an extraordinary gift! You are providing a wonderful service for women with your research and technology- and I feel so blessed that I was able to benefit from it! Thank you so much for working with me and making that possible. You have made some very amazing things possible for me. Blessings to you and many thanks.

- Ashley

Thank you for making our baby boy’s existence possible. Thank you for your amazing care, patience, warmth and professionalism. We came to you after so much frustration with other practices. Our experience with you was the exact opposite. With your practice we were heard, we felt cared for and we felt important. We knew we could trust you. We cannot thank you enough or let you know just how much our lives have changed.

- Maureen

I truly appreciate everything that you all do, both from an ART perspective & also from a human perspective.

- Elle

To the fabulous staff at Santa Monica Fertility. You were all so amazing to work with. Thank you for making my cycle so easy. You are the best team around.

- Sheila

We cherish you all, and are rich because you’re in our lives. Counting our blessings.

- Meg

Thanks so much for making the egg freezing easier and less stressful than I imagine it could be.

- Jennifer

Thank you again for helping us with this most amazing journey. We look forward to you meeting our new son very soon.

- Jodie

I met my husband when we were both in our late 30’s.  After trying to become pregnant for over a year, we waded into the muddy waters of Fertility.  We went to a high profile Fertility clinic for evaluations.  During our initial meetings we were constantly reminded of how old we were and the difficulties we were facing….though, none of the tests (for our fertility) revealed anything more.  We felt inadequate and “broken,” needing so much help.  We were talked into treatments that we weren’t comfortable with.  We felt that our first doctors were taking advantage of our emotional situation.

We then met Dr. John Jain. Upon our very first meeting, Dr. Jain was warm and open.  He listened to us about our concerns and then offered his advice.  We never felt manipulated or “broken.”  He was honest about the statistics, and made us feel comfortable about our particular situation.  More importantly, Dr. Jain supported our desire to ease into the process via ovulation stimulation and timed intercourse, verses rushing into IVF.  We wanted to take a less invasive approach, to begin with.

While trying to become pregnant, the holidays came.  We were scheduled to travel quite a bit, so we decided to take a break from the drugs and officially “trying.”  When we came home, we saw Dr. Jain only to discover that we had become pregnant spontaneously while on holiday!  Dr. Jain was congratulatory and honestly happy for us.  We sensed that his ultimate motivation was to see that we got pregnant, which is great.

Three years later, my husband and I were hoping for a sibling for our son.  We tracked down Dr. Jain at Santa Monica Fertility.  It was like meeting an old friend.  As before, he was warm and open to our concerns and needs, and was straightforward about the statistics.  He offered a number of scenarios and was very accessible while we were trying to figure out which course of action we felt most comfortable with.  I have to say, this is most important.  Every time I had a question or concern, I was able to contact Dr. Jain and he got back to me in a timely manner.

So often patients are meant to feel like they are bothering a doctor with silly questions.  Dr. Jain never gave off that impression.  All of my trepidations were addressed with respect and answered completely & knowledgably.  He never judged me; he offered his opinion supported by his extensive experiences.   I felt as if he was a true partner in our process and wanted us to succeed.  This is so important when coming into a procedure not familiar to you.  One can feel so vulnerable – especially when your ultimate goal is to have a baby.  Such an intimate right of passage, it is an emotional roller-coaster that can take its toll.  In addition to his scientific and clinical expertise and experience, Dr. Jain is very caring. Dr. Jain always put me at ease – explaining that my emotional well-being is just as important as my physical health.

I am currently 46 years old and my husband is 47.  We have a 4 yr old boy and I am 23 weeks pregnant with twin girls.  We did (1) cycle of IVF with donor eggs.  Dr. Jain’s confidence in our success helped us get where we are today.

We understand the challenges of having children later in life, though are happy to have found the right life partner and thankful that the technology is available to fulfill our desires.

Thank you again, Dr. Jain.

- Dee

I was diagnosed with a rare case of ovarian cancer at the age of twenty. I had both of my ovaries removed because of the cancer, and went through several months of chemotherapy. Since I didn’t have ovaries, I could not produce eggs, but I was still able to carry children. For years I have feared that I would never be able to have children. I knew that I could try in-vitro fertilization and that my two sisters could be egg donors. But the thought of being able to conceive seemed so unreal and impossible.

My husband and I researched many fertility clinics but we decided to work with Santa Monica Fertility because we felt the most comfortable with Dr. Jain and his staff. Dr. Jain is extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind, the nurses are amazing and the entire staff is friendly and very helpful.

My best advice is to listen to Dr. Jain….he knows what he is doing. We wanted to transfer three embryos and Dr. Jain felt that because of the quality of our embryos we should only transfer two. At first we thanked him for his recommendation and told him we still wanted to try three. He called us the day before the transfer and patiently explained to us why he felt that we should only transfer two. Luckily we listened to him, because both embryos implanted and now we are happily pregnant with twins.

In addition, although I did not know it at the time, Dr. Jain is one of the leading doctors in the world that has success with using frozen eggs to make babies.  Since my sister, who is single and 37 years old, was able to give so many eggs, we were able to freeze several for her so if she needs them one day, she will also be able to have her own babies. Now, the gift of life that she has given me, I will also be able to give her because of Dr. Jain.

- Ali

Since most things in our life are beyond our control it is an amazing feeling to feel like we have some say in our futures. Freezing my eggs is one of the smartest things I have ever done.  Dr. Jain and his staff made it extremely easy.

Dr. Jain is extremly informative and is always available to explain anything regarding the procedure. All the staff made me feel comfortable and went above and beyond at all times.  I owe them all such thanks for making my experience such a pleasant one.


- Jenny

As a single female in my early forties, my dream of one day having a child seemed like a fading possibility.  A news clip featuring Dr.John Jainand the egg-freezing process gave me renewed hope; there was something I could do to help slow down my biological clock.  Dr. Jain and his nurses were incredibly sensitive and caring, and always made themselves available to answer any questions I had.  Because of the excellent care I received, I decided to have the procedure done a second time.  Knowing that my eggs are stored for future use has given me great piece of mind, and I feel fortunate to have been treated by the leading authority in this cutting-edge technology.

- K.S.

We are writing to express our wholehearted recommendation of Dr. Jain and the staff at Santa Monica Fertility. It was with heavy hearts and much trepidation that we found ourselves seeking fertility treatment at all. But from our initial consultation with Dr. Jain, we knew that this was an extraordinary practice and that we would be in the very best care should we decide to move forward. Dr. Jain spent an inordinate amount of time with us, answering our endless questions with a combination of science, personal experience, genuine patience, and empathy. As we moved through a series of tests and treatments, the care we received was highly individualized. Our experience from start to finish was an overwhelmingly positive one, a rare occurrence in medical care, and one for which we are eternally grateful.

- L & B

My wife and I extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff for the exceptionally competent and loving contribution you all made to fulfilling our dream. All of you, from start to finish, provided loving, supportive, confidence-inspiring and highly professional guidance, personal attention and service to both of us in our pursuit of this very personal and important goal.Without the help, professionalism, concern and guidance you all provided we never would have experienced the joy we now feel, and will continue to relish in the future.

- R & R

As an overseas patient I was a bit apprehensive on choosing a clinic via email and phone, but after a phone consultation with Dr. Jain and chatting to his fabulous nurses my partner and I felt very confident. Santa Monica Fertility Center, was warm and welcoming and from start to finish made the whole process easy. I was always contacted, explained and reassured with every step of the procedure, I would recommend Dr. Jain and his fabulous nursing team.

- Sarah

Words cannot express the joy and gratitude we are feeling as we happily expect our new baby boy. After disappointments at another center, our dream finally came true. Dr. Jain’s office offered a relaxing and caring experience.  I finally felt like I could forget about trying to become pregnant and felt the confidence to leave it up to the Santa Monica Fertility.  When I was in the care of Dr. Jain and his staff, my husband and I felt like family and old friends.  I have since recommended him to other friends and without hesitation we will be seeing him again.

- Cera

Dr. Jain and his staff are wonderful!  They are very informative about the stats of egg freezing and IVF, as well as extremely helpful about the process for a Nervous Nelly with lots of questions!  They truly made the procedure so easy for me.  And knowing Dr Jain is on the forefront on all research and development with egg freezing, made me feel very secure that I’m in the best hands possible for future pregnancy opportunities.  And their facility is amazing too!

- Anon.

Dr. Jain has been a valued friend and advisor throughout my journey to parenthood

- Lucy Liu

My wife froze her eggs in two cycles at Dr. Jain’s office in 2010 (she was over 40) right before we met. As I understand Dr. Jain was a pioneer in egg freezing at the time. Since then we had a few failed IVFs in Northern California where we now live, so we decided to use some of her frozen eggs in a San Francisco fertility clinic. While we are still waiting for the chromosome analysis result of two HBI and HBII embryos, the outcome of which is independent of the egg freezing procedure itself, we are grateful that Dr. Jain’s egg freezing procedure actually provided the best yield of fertilized eggs and blastocysts among the several FRESH IVF cycles that we underwent in the past few years, which I found it amazing considering it was a pioneer procedure at the time and these are frozen eggs. Regardless of the chromosome analysis result that we are still waiting, I consider that Dr. Jain has done his job and delivered remarkable result being a pioneer in egg freezing.

- Sean J.

Thank you to Dr. Jain and his Staff. After several failed ivf in other clinics finally my dream has come true I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant with twins. I am going to miss everyone there but I am now on my way to being a mommy. Dr. Jain is sooo awesome and knowledgeable. He is compassionate and always there for you. Great Doctor.

- Mina K.

This is as good as it gets. I am a 39 year old with a known genetic carrier status which would make getting pregnant very difficult. I spoke with Dr. Jain about our journey and he offered a strategy that we would try. He was knowledgeable, up to date, and very thoughtful about how to go about me getting pregnant. I am a physician too, so I could appreciate his opinions. He was never influenced by statistics, which so many offices are. His bedside manner is wonderful. the office staff is incredible and so supportive. Jackie, Rosa, Gaby, Leti, Kim, and the rest of the staff are amazing!!! It took me more than several months but lo and behold, i am pregnant and it really is a miracle! thanks to the professionalism of Santa Monica Fertility, I will be having my first baby boy!

- Lisa S.

Dr. Jain is a wonderful doctor with a great bedside manner. I chose his clinic because of his background in research and his experience as an educator. Fertility treatment was very emotional to go through so having a doctor that spends the time to answer questions and to really guide you through the process was a huge help. His nurses and staff were all wonderful too.

- Brigitte M.

Dr. Jain is a very patient, caring, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced doctor. He has a fantastic bedside manner. He and his staff always followed up with my phone calls and emails promptly. I know that he will be the doctor that I go to when I need him in the future. Thank you, Dr. Jain!

- Jan H.

I had the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Jain and his staff at work when a friend of mine donated her eggs. His nurses are phenomenal and organized. I felt at ease speaking with his anesthesiologist and caring nurses because they made me feel welcome and my friend had authorized them to talk to me about her case. She said he honestly made her feel like she was his only patient because he treated her that way. I am too old to have kids but have recommended him to several younger friends and all of them have gone into meet with him to arrange storing their eggs for later use. They are getting into their late 30’s and have focused on their careers primarily. I feel bad about not writing a review prior to now but he deserves the kudos for the good work he and his staff are doing. Highly recommend.

- Penny F.

I recently underwent an IVF cycle with embryo freezing with Dr. Jain and am very happy with the excellent care that I received. As a medical professional myself and in my 40s, I know how important it is to pick the right doctor. I decided to have an initial consult with Dr. Jain due to his background at USC and since he is a pioneer in egg freezing. Also, a friend of mine had a daughter after undergoing IVF with Dr. Jain about 2 years prior and had recommended him. As anticipated, Dr. Jain is not only knowledgeable, but also provides individualized care and does not order unnecessary tests and procedures. Questions were answered in a timely manner by Dr. Jain and/or staff, who have a positive attitude. Furthermore, I was impressed by the staff at their surgery center. Dr. Jain and his embryologist did a phenomenal job and I would recommend family and friends to consider this facility.

- Allie K.

I can’t say enough good things about this clinic. I think Dr Jain is incredibly fair and really helped my husband and I out. He and his staff are absolutely delightful and I highly recommend them.

- Lisa E.

Met with Julie Web today who is the practices patient coordinator. She is as up front and helpful as can be. I was impressed with her genuine care to be creative to meet my needs, and her candor made my experience one of the best. Strongly recommend just scheduling a consult with Julie . She is top notch.

- Renee C.

Should have provided an update over a year ago! My son turns 16 months today & is perfect! Healthy, happy & hitting every milestone ahead of the curve. God bless Dr. Jain & his staff! Best of luck to everyone 🙂

- Ellen G.

I LOVE Dr. Jain and his entire staff. SMF was recommended to me by my wonderful acupuncturist, Dr. Virginia Prior (check her out on Yelp too!). After two prior offices were unable to meet our needs, third time really IS the CHARM! SMF staff is very professional and friendly. Appointments are NEVER overbooked (which was a problem I had at a previous office). They are so organized, efficient and attentive that I can make an appointment on my 45 min. lunch break without having any issues arriving back to work on time. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes once I arrive for my scheduled appointment. They do a great job with communication too. Medications are verbally explained, as well as, follow up emails and phone calls ( if necessary). I have nothing negative to say about SMF.The staff always makes me feel like I am their #1 priority. I highly recommend Santa Monica Fertility!

- Julie C.

After struggling for years with infertility and failed treatments at a local clinic we finally realized our dream of becoming parents thanks to the support of Dr. Jain and his team at Santa Monica Fertility. Despite the long distance, the treatment process was well coordinated and met all of our expectations. Dr. Jain and staff demonstrated a high level of competency and professionalism throughout. We will be forever greatful!

- Dova O.

High success rates coupled with an amazingly friendly and loving staff make this clinic stand out by far above the rest and believe me I did my research!

From the first phone call I was able to speak with someone and she spent as much time answering my questions as I needed. She even offered for me to have a complimentary phone conversation with Dr. Jain so he could answer a few initial questions I have before scheduling a consultation!

Kudos to Dr. Jain for having such a friendly and responsive staff, as a medical professional myself I know how difficult it is to find good people.

- Kira J.

The staff at Santa Monica Fertility are great. The small, clean, modern office has a very relaxing, spa-like, environment. The staff are very friendly and made me feel like family. There was rarely other patients waiting in the waiting room at the same time. They always responded quickly to my call, emails and accomodated my hectic schedule and nervous nelly attitude. After 6 years of dealing with 9 failed IVF’s, I finally found a place/doctor where I felt like I got the expertise and caring staff that was worth what we paid. I recommend also reading the reviews on Dr. John Jain. I am proud to say that my hubby and I will become parents to our first son in 27 days and I can’t wait to return to the office to introduce our first child and take some pictures.

- Marti P.

After five unsuccessful IVF treatments (two of which ended in miscarriages), a friend referred me to Dr. John Jain. From the very beginning, I felt confident that this attempt would be different. Not only did he meet with us for over an hour during our initial consultation, but he also suggested a number of tests before the next IVF to identify the best approach. The treatment was successful, and when I experienced severe complications during the first trimester, Dr. Jain successfully guided me through it. I am now 9 months pregnant and can honestly say that I would have never made it this far without Dr Jain and his superior knowledge.

Dr. Jain and his entire staff are not only very professional and excellent at their profession, but they are also very friendly and compassionate. During the whole process, I felt we were in great hands. The facility itself is high end and was actually referred to by one of my previous doctors as one of the best in Southern California. I would highly recommend Dr. Jain and his staff to anyone who struggles with infertility.

- Petra B.

My husband and I have two amazing daughters thanks to Dr. Jain. We call them Miracle(8) and Magic(5) and can’t imagine a day that they weren’t in our lives. Before meeting Dr. Jain, I had two ectopic pregnancies and was left with the only hope of having children via IVF. We went to see one specialist before Dr. Jain and I left their office feeling incredibly uncomfortable and unsure about the process. We then met Dr. Jain and he put all my fears to bed. He answered all our questions confidently, he explained the process completely and then some. He is very passionate about his work and really cares about giving you his best effort. He is caring about you as a patient having endured the emotional roller coaster that his infertility. He is also very gentle. He is a godsend to us. The facility and staff are also top notch. I always felt comfortable and very attended to. I highly recommend Santa Monica Fertility!

- Geena C.

Santa Monica Fertility is fantastic from the first appointment on! Dr. Jain and his staff are the team you want to work with! They all make an extremely emotional process as comfortable as possible.

When talking with Dr. Jain he not only covers the technical side of how he’s going to treat your case, but the emotional side as well. He answered all of my questions and always told my husband and I what to expect. Exactly what you want from your doctor!

The visits to their office are always attentive and professional. I can’t say enough positive things about this crew of specialists. I can’t imagine going through this process with anyone else!

- Mollie R.

As a former patient whom went through the egg freezing process, I highly recommend Dr. Jain and his fertility clinic. I did my research beforehand and found that Dr. Jain is truly one of the nationwide leaders in fertility techniques, a pioneer, for example, in successful egg freezing leading to pregnancies. He has given many career women a viable opportunity to preserve their fertility for the future. Dr. Jain is also a compassionate and dedicated fertility doctor whom takes the time and effort to clearly explain all of the details and nuances of the fertility process to his patients at every office visit and offer counsel with a calm and caring manner. As part of this process, he invests considerable energy and time in getting to know his patients, both individually and/or as a couple. Also, his staff is extremely knowledgeable and nurturing. The clinic itself has a serene low-key atmosphere and calming effect, which is really helpful for patients dealing with a very personal, emotionally delicate subject.

- Julie M.

After a heartbreaking miscarriage, I made it a point to find the best doctor possible to guide me with my next pregnancy. From the first day I met Dr. Jain, I was grateful to have found an understanding and compassionate doctor. His genuine concern for my well being along with his experience allowed me to trust in him the success of my new pregnancy. I had the best care possible at his office, Santa Monica Fertility Center. Doctor visits were very detailed, continuous ultrasounds gave me piece of mind by allowing me to see my growing baby. Thanks to Dr. Jain’s care I was able to finally find hope and look forward to a successful pregnancy. His unique concern for my baby made me feel as if I was part of his family and not just another patient. Genuine doctors like him are hard to find. I would definitely recommend him.

- Glenda B.

We went to several fertility Dr’s and Dr Jain was by far the BEST. We chose Dr Jain becuase he had a wealth of knowledge in the fertility field and was very honest. He is absolutley a wonderful Dr. and was very caring through this stressful time. His staff was always very polite and always made us feel welcomed. I have refered him to all of our military friends and family that also needed some help through this time. We now have a wonderful little baby to add to our family. If you need a fertility Dr., Dr Jain is the person to go to. I would give him 10 stars!!

- Brandy S.
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