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Shared Cycles

Shared cycles allow intended parents to choose a donor and split or share fresh eggs with our clinic, or use frozen eggs from our egg bank that were frozen as part of previous shared cycles. Both options offer significant cost savings when compared to a traditional egg donation cycle. In fresh shared egg cycles, intended parents are given eight eggs, which usually result in at least 2 advanced embryos, called “blastocysts” for transfer. Since only one blastocyst is typically transferred, the other can be frozen for later use. Frozen egg shared cycles offer immediate availability for intended parents who wish to expedite the process of embryo transfer. In frozen shared cycles, there are options for 8 eggs or 5 eggs in order to assist those with financial limitations.

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Complete Fresh Egg Donor Cycle starting at $29,800*

Complete Frozen Egg Donor Cycle starting at $19,500*


*Includes all donor compensation and fees
*Excludes intended parent medications and legal representation

The process for selecting, screening and treating egg donors for shared cycles is identical to traditional cycles. This includes thorough psychiatric, genetic and medical screening and legal representation. The only difference is that the eggs are shared between more than one intended parent. Sharing eggs allows us to access the more sought after donors, and means more options for our intended parents. If you have any questions about how shared cycles work or how to get started, feel free to call or email us – we are always happy to answer any questions you have.

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Donor Egg Bank

Frozen Donor Egg Bank & Egg Donation Egg donation allows women to become pregnant even when they lack eggs of their own, or their eggs are of poor quality. In addition to fresh donor eggs, frozen donor eggs offer an alternative to traditional egg donation. Frozen eggs allow for ease in cycle planning and are immediately available from a variety of donors. Pregnancy rates from frozen eggs are comparable to the nationally published rates reported for fresh donor eggs.

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