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Additional Ways to Improve Fertility

Taking the time to care for yourself and to learn about certain foods & lifestyle changes can really help women to not only conceive, but feel better throughout the fertility journey. Many women struggling to get pregnant have PCOS or insulin imbalances, both of which can prevent them from getting pregnant naturally or prevent them […]

What Are Fertility Drugs?

I recently put together an answer to the question “What Are Fertility Drugs?,” for the Sharecare.com online health network hosted by Dr. OZ. I wanted to post my answer her on my blog too to help my own clients understand more about the differences between the various fertility medications they may be prescribed here in my own clinic and practice.

There are a variety of drugs used for fertility treatment. Some are used to produce more ovarian egg follicles. Some are also used to suppress the pituitary gland and prevent ovulation. Others are used to support the uterine lining and early pregnancy.

Read my detailed answer here. . .

Upcoming PBS Documentary- “My Future Baby”

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this fantastic documentary with all of you. This was a project in collaboration with Vegas PBS, which followed several couples during their journeys through infertility. My professional expertise was featured in the documentary and, through my practice, I was proud to be able to contribute to some of these couples’ successes in forming their families. The documentary does a phenomenal job at outlining an array of possible fertility issues and the diverse situations that couples may face when trying to have children. The documentary will premier in the L.A. area on PBS OC: July 5, 9:00 pm. It will have its national release September 20th on Vegas PBS.

You can view the trailer here.

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