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Products That Could Affect Your Fertility

Will drinking soymilk lower your husband’s fertility level? Does cooking with Teflon coated pans make it harder to get pregnant? Could hair coloring products be lowering your husband’s sperm count? Many couples who seek counseling for infertility come in asking these questions. Patients worry that toxins, heavy metals, or chemicals in food and cosmetics could be somehow […]

Can Reflexology Improve Fertility?

Reflexology is a method of massage focusing on the feet, hands, and ears. The theory is that specific points on the feet, lower legs, hands, and ears correspond to bodily organs, so massaging these points can help to relax the body both internally and externally as well as stimulating organs and systems to perform more […]

FAQ About Infertility and Depression

There’s a stereotype in the media that couples experiencing fertility problems are highly stressed, but that isn’t a very accurate assessment of the conflicting emotions and roller coaster ride of infertility. The most common emotional issues that accompany infertility are depression and anxiety. If you, a friend, or family member is experiencing infertility issues, here […]

17 Tips to Dining Out Healthy while Trying to Conceive

Many couples are instructed to lose weight to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Others are trying to eat healthier to increase their chances of getting pregnant, and set the standard for a healthier lifestyle once the baby comes. Sometimes this proves to be a challenge if you have a busy lifestyle. One of the trickiest […]

Infertility Tips for Men & Women

Are you worried that you might have a difficult time getting pregnant? Many couples wait for years to start a family and climb the corporate ladder so they can financially provide well for a family, only to discover that they have a new hurdle to overcome: fertility problems. Surprisingly, there are several things you can […]

Early Pregnancy Signs or Something Else?

You feel nauseated, tired, and a little woozy, and your period is a week late, but is it really pregnancy? In the early stages, it’s hard to tell, and if you’ve been hoping for a baby for awhile and you’re undergoing fertility treatments, you might alternate between noticing small symptoms and getting excited about possible pregnancy, and ignoring […]

What Does an Initial Infertility Workup Include?

For couples dealing with infertility issues, solid answers and facts are the most important tools in their arsenals. An initial infertility workup is designed to start getting to the core reasons why you and your partner are having trouble getting or staying pregnant. The initial infertility workup will probably be fairly lengthy—about an hour or […]

Tips on LGBTQ Family Building

Future moms and dads take note: there are more ways than ever before to become a parent, and this applies fully to the LGBTQ community. Building a family as a single or a couple will likely involve a few more steps for lesbian and gay individuals, but this can help you appreciate your family much […]

Infertility FAQs

The path of infertility can be confusing at times and very frustrating. While some couples know from the start that they’ll need an infertility doctor (including LGBT couples), others are surprised and disappointed that things haven’t gone as planned. Regardless of whether or not you’ve anticipated difficulty having a baby, you can deal with it […]

When Is Egg Donation a Good Option?

The heartache of an unsuccessful IVF attempt is impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t longed for a child. You may feel depressed or betrayed by your own body as well as jealous of other women. Allow yourself time. Allow yourself time to grieve. Acknowledging feelings, acceptance, and in many cases moving ahead into a healthy future can […]

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